DEONAT was born from the belief that nature is better. As a young girl, our founder was always passionate about traditional Thai medicine. She was always found following her Grandma, a traditional-Thai doctor, treating and healing customers with remedies passed on from centuries. One unique ingredient caught her eye: the alum mineral. It was a curious little transparent crystalized mineral that stops bleeding and cleans wounds. Many also use it as deodorant. Wholeheartedly believing in the many healing powers of alum, she dedicated her life to finding new and innovative ways to use this ingredient to better the lives of people, like her Grandma had done.

From that little girl 50 years ago to now, we have never stopped believing in the dream, to deliver products that are worthy of recognition. Our own process of crystallization ensures that the alum is free of impurities, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Clinically Tested
GMP Certified
Thailand Trust Mark